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We provide math coaching for students preparing for their best performance in prestigious national math competitions.
For middle schoolers: The MathCounts Competition Series or the MAA's AMC 8 exam
For high schoolers: The MAA's AMC 10, AMC 12, and AIME exams, or the American Regions Mathmatics League's (ARML) annual math team meet, and the series of local team competitions leading up to that.


Mathletic Training is also about any student advancing their math performance to their full potential. Whether you're trying to get ahead or trying to catch up, we'll train and coach you to think more like a top performer. Tutoring is available for all types of math and all levels of math from elementary to undergraduate college math, in the Boston area.

Math Night Events

Jon McIntyre was the founder and main organizer of the first 5 Math Nights at the Brackett Elementary School in Arlington. He can help you organize one for your school, and will provide one hour of consulting free of charge to local schools. See the Brackett Math Night site for more info on what it's like.


Weekends: $60 / hour. Weekdays are only available for special cases, and may cost more.

Test Drive: First hour is half price ($30, new individual students only).

Groups: 2 students: $35/hr each, 3 students: $25/hr each, 4 students: $22/hr each, 5+ students: $20/hr each.

Travel time: $30 / hour (you can avoid travel charge by meeting me anywhere in Arlington, MA)



Phone: (617) 528-9314. ( To help you remember the phone number, think "In 52 weeks, he 8(ate) 9 pi(e)".)

Location: In person: in the Boston area, mostly inside or near Route 128.


Your coach/tutor will be Jon McIntyre, who, as a "Mathlete" in high school, scored in the top 50 in the country on the AIME exam, to qualify for the prestigious USA Math Olympiad. In addition to his USA Math Olympiad appearance, Jon was on Virginia's 15-member math team which finished 2nd to a New York City team at the ARML competition at Penn State in 1984 and won an official Rubik's Cube competition in Landover Mall in 1982.

  • Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics (with high honors) and Computer Science from Brandeis University.
  • 18 years' experience in software development, working on 3D Mechanical CAD engineering software.
  • Main organizer of 5 Math Nights at Brackett Elementary School, Arlington, MA, 2009-2013.
  • Co-chaired Brackett PTO's Science and Math Enrichment Committee, 2010-2013. Judge at Arlington High School's Math Expo, May, 2013.
  • Math Games - Jon creates simple board games to help you have fun while practicing math skills. Some will soon be free to download.
  • Rubik's Cube - Jon was one of the original Rubik's Cube "speedsolvers" back in the 1980s. For a reduced rate he'll teach you or your group how to solve the cube.